Kaunas Simonas Daukantas progymnasium  builds its activities on the basis of the Lithuanian Education Strategy 2013 – 2022 as well as on the State Progress Strategy “Lithuania 2030“. These are the main documents describing the goals our country is striving to achieve. Naturally, our school is an integral part of the process. Our progymnasium has been involved in various national and international projects and activities so as to increase our students’ cultural awareness. We are also carrying out different programs so as to prevent bullying and teasing. We strongly believe that every person deserves to be respected despite his skin colour, religion, social status or culture.

Our school is convinced in the value of international education for our students because we believe that the intercultural dialogue in a more open international learning environment makes them aware of being European citizens. We aim to develop an international, flexible curriculum. What is more, we strive to make our students be aware not only of the possibilities technologies may offer these days but also to structure education system based on practice. Naturally, we try to implement various teaching methods into our curriculum so as to make it more motivating to our students. That is why, we are a member of Learning Schools Network, which indicates that we are constantly looking for new and best possible ways to teach and to learn. We believe in “a school without boarders” concept and are implementing project based learning into our curriculum. We do our best to make our students become creative, open minded and brave citizens of an intelligent society, who are able to develop and educate every single day. We are and we strive to remain an integral part of Lithuanian Educational system, subsequently, our priorities are to develop a personality’s ideal and abilities as well as to assure a constant need to learn, to build understanding of cultural values and to develop cultural, social and political awareness, to encourage honesty and responsibility.

We have been trying to implement practice and project based learning for a couple of years. We are striving to achieve maximum results possible. Due to this fact, we have created and carried out a long-termed project of natural sciences at our progymnasium. Within the frame of this project we have carried out a number of activities, striving to raise our students’ interest and awareness, such as “The Day of Experiments”, “Learning in the Open Air”, a series of integrated lessons and educational travels, etc. What is more, we have joined the network of schools which are willing to integrate STEAM in the educational process. We have already noticed the positive results this type of education brings and are really eager to work in this field more so as to share our knowledge and practice as well as learn from others. Finally, we believe we may create a different type of school: with holistic ideas, attractive curriculum, high but achievable goals and healthy and satisfied school community. Knowledge and experience that others may share with us seems to be a high priority, thus.